Yahoo is a joke!

I used to use Yahoo for lots of things.  Yahoo would provide me email, news, stock quotes and of course messenger.  In a free market there’s the leader of the industry (Google) and then there’s the underdog (Yahoo).  Even though Yahoo search was out before Google it lacked the precision Google brought to finding the exact thing you are searching for.  I always believe that in any industry you should have fierce competition.  Competition brings down cost to consumer and force the companies to strive to be innovative with their products.  Just look at the computer industry.  All those competition in the PC market has lead to powerful computer system that anyone with job could afford.  Let’s not get off the subject here.

What has Yahoo done to me lately that has ticked me off so much that I’m willing to drop them in the recycle bin like yesterdays newspaper?  Is it that Yahoo mail has a poor spam filter?  Is it that Yahoo search (it’s core business) just sucks at finding things? Is it that Yahoo doesn’t allow me to retrieve my email other than to visit it’s portal?  None of those things bother me enough to drop Yahoo.

The thing that ticked me off the most, well it’s actually two things.  First thing that ticked me off is Yahoo messengers update recently.  A few days ago I updated Yahoo messenger to it’s latest version (10.something) and the damn thing install Yahoo Toolbar without asking me.  My beloved Firefox now has this hideous toolbar that I find absolutely unnecessary plastered at the top.  I thought Mozilla is a people minded company and would not allow add-ons to install itself without the users knowledge.  I guess I was wrong.  So I ignored it and a few days gone by.  Once in a blue moon I would fire up Internet Explorer.  BAM, Yahoo messenger update installed the @#$! toolbar on IE also.  That was not the thing that broke the camels back for me.  It was, listen up Yahoo, it was that you changed my homepage to Yahoo without my consent.  That itself is a heinous act.  I specifically set my homepage to a site that is actually useful and Yahoo had the audacity to set it it’s website.

Yes, I know how to change it back but that’s not the point.  To have software from a public company do this has to say something about the company’s integrity.  I’ve always rooted for the underdog (Yahoo) but this time it’s bye bye.  My one single vote is to say good bye to Yahoo for good.  I’m moving my services over to Google or even Microsoft.  Yeah, yeah I know in about five years Microsoft is going to buyout Yahoo.  Mark my word Yahoo is going down.  Down like the clown it is.

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6 Responses to “Yahoo is a joke!”

  1. An Says:

    That is awful! did that to us and it took FOREVER to get rid of all the crap it autoinstalled.

    I got fed up with Yahoo when it said i had to upgrade to their premium account ($xx/year) in order to forward emails to another address… WTH? Gmail let’s me do it for free with a press of a button. So lame, yahoo, so lame.

  2. Surger Says:

    Yahoo is quickly being dropped by those who know their way around the computer. There is an all too true axis of evil forming out there, it includes yahoo, at&t and apple.

  3. David Pinto Says:

    Two problems with Yahoo:
    Normally, with any major account, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, whatever, when you want to post something you call up a form which contains three windows — to. cc. subject line — and also has a deep box, which is where you type your message. Well, what has been happening lately is that the deep box IS NOT THERE! So I cannot type my message. Eventually, it shows up, but it may take me as many as ten to fifteen tries — no exaggeration.
    Second problem: I want to move an item in my inbox into a folder, but I cannot do that. Why not? Well. I put a check mark into the little box at the left of the subject line, but when I look at the top of the page, the Move icon is not there.

  4. Smokey Miller Says:

    Yahoo is a fucking joke!!!! It keeps changing my home page to Louisville Ky every time. and half the time it says it can’t find my town Evansville In,And there is no way to get help from Yahoo.

  5. Ron Says:

    More yahoostupidity. Thats a new compound word by the way. You have messenger open and then go to email and it turns off messenger. What kind of idiocy is that. I open an email and it could be loaded with pictures but you cant see them? I have to forward it to another accout just to view what friends send. Keep fixing unbroken doors yahoo, You’ve ruined about everything that used to be good. You are poised to be crushed. Keep up the idiotic business practices.

  6. Alex Says:

    You know it takes about 10 seconds to change your homepage and delete the toolbar. Still, I hate yahoo.

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