How to remove annoying green volume bar

I use my HP desktop everyday.  I blog, read emails, surf the web and also watch TV on my PC.  No, not internet TV but actual over the air HD quality TV.  My HP Desktop has a built in TV tuner and also a remote control to go along with it.  However, whenever I change the volume on Windows Media Center there’s this annoying green volume bar that pops up each time I click on the volume +/- controls.  The pop up last a few seconds therefore I have to wait a few seconds between each click.  That’s the annoying part.  The volume control goes from 0 through 50.  Imagine waiting a few seconds to change the volume if you needed to quickly drop or raise the volume.

This annoying volume bar is actually not part of Microsoft Windows 7 system but is related to Microsoft.  It’s a built in feature of the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.  Follow these steps to disable the annoying green volume bar.

1. Click on Microsoft Keyboard

2. Go to Key Settings and scroll down to Volume and click on configure

3. Uncheck Display volume and mute status on screen


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