Opting out of personalized advertising

Web advertising is a necessary evil.  Ninety-nine percent of online contents are “free”.  You need not to shell out a credit card or pay for services like email, news, games and online storage.  However, to support all this “free” service web advertising is the main revenue for website owners.  Microsoft advertising displays ad that are relevant to your Bing search history and places them along your search queries.  You can opt out of the personalized ads through this link.  Once you complete this form MS will place a cookie on your PC to disable tracking.  If you delete this cookie the opt out setting is also removed and you will have to redo the opt out process.

However, this only eliminate “personalized” advertising.  It does not eliminate advertising at all.  The ads will still be there based on your current search and not on past searches.  All this really does is eliminate the tracking cookie that Microsoft uses to keep a history of your searches.

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One Response to “Opting out of personalized advertising”

  1. An Says:

    Creepy… you need a cookie so they won’t track you… good to know :)

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